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Academic Registry
Advanced Engineering Materials Facility
Animal and Plant Care Facility

Biosciences Central Research Facility
Biotechnology Research Institute

Campus Services Office
Career Center
Center for Asian Financial Markets
Center for Cancer Research
Center for Display Research
Center for Economic Development
Center for Education Innovation
Center for Experimental Business Research (cEBR)
Center for Language Education (LANG)
Center for Scientific Computation
Center for the Arts
Center for Wireless Information Technology (CenWIT)
Center of Laboratory Supplies
CLP Power Wind/Wave Tunnel Facility
College of Lifelong Learning (CL3)
Court, Council and Senate Secretariat

Dean of Students’ Office
Department of Accounting
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Department of Chemistry
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Department of Economics
Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering
Department of Finance
Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics
Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management
Department of Management
Department of Marketing
Department of Mathematics
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Department of Ocean Science
Department of Physics
Design & Manufacturing Services Facility
Development and Alumni Office
Division of Environment & Sustainability
Division of Humanities
Division of Integrative Systems and Design
Division of Life Science
Division of Public Policy
Division of Social Science

Entrepreneurship Center
Environmental Central Facility
Environmental Science Programs

Facilities Management Office
Finance Office

Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility
Glassblowing Facility

Health, Safety and Environment Office
HKUST Big Data Institute
HKUST Energy Institute
HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate School
HKUST Fok Ying Tung Research Institute
HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies
HKUST Institute for Public Policy
HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study
HKUST R and D Corporation Limited
HKUST Shenzhen Institute
Human Resources Office

Information Systems Office
Information Technology Services Center
Institute for the Environment
Institute of Integrated Micro Systems
Interdisciplinary Programs Office

Leadership and Public Policy Executive Education Office

Materials Characterization & Preparation Facility
Molecular Neuroscience Center
Mr & Mrs Ho Ting Sik Visitor Information Center

Nanosystem Fabrication Facility

Office of Continuing and Professional Education
Office of Global Learning
Office of Institutional Research
Office of Postgraduate Studies
Office of the President
Office of the Provost
Office of the Vice-President for Administration & Business
Office of the Vice-President for Institutional Advancement
Office of the Vice-President for Research and Development

Public Affairs Office
Publishing Technology Center
Purchasing Office

Research Office

Scholarships and Financial Aid Office
School of Business & Management
School of Engineering
School of Humanities & Social Science
School of Science
Semiconductor Product Analysis and Design Enhancement Center (SPADE)
Sino Software Research Institute
South China Research Center
Staff Association
State Key Laboratory of Molecular Neuroscience
State Key Laboratory on Advanced Displays and Optoelectronics Technologies
Student Housing and Residential Life Office
Students' Union
Survey Research Center

Technology Transfer Center

Undergraduate Core Education Office
Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions Office

William Mong Institute of Nano Science and Technology